Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Sheryl Crow and Lance Armstrong - blown tire?

One door opens, another door closes. Star Magazine (not exactly a paragon of solid reporting - but then again, they're aren't Newsweek) is reporting that Lance Armstrong and Sheryl Crow are calling it quits after being lovey-dovey for the past two years. Their proof? Stuff like a sighting of Crow with one of her ex-loves, Eric Clapton. Nothing about whether Lance flushed a copy of Crow's new album down the toilet in response.

If the reports are true, it's sad and all, but what else were they to do? After all, it's impossible to make both their first names into one solid word. Bennifer (II)? Brangelina? Tomkat? It doesn't work. (The best I could come up with was "Lance-ryl". Ugh.)

One more thing - maybe people should stop extolling the praises of their signnificant others in print, 'cause that could be a sign that trouble is brewing. Remember that Ellen DeGeneres was singing the praises of her love Alexandra Hedison in The Advocate at precisely the same time word was spreading that she had dumped Hedison for Portia di Rossi. Wel, Lance is talking about Sheryl in the current issue of Playboy that is on newsstand at this precise moment. Print interviews about spouses and such may be the new voice-mail message.

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