Saturday, March 18, 2006

Art lesson

Sit down, boys and girls. I'm about to teach you something about art that may be very important to you some day.

Last year, a man in California spent $40,000 on a drawing by Pablo Picasso. Considering Picasso's reputation as, oh, one of the great artists of the 20th century, this could be seen as a wise investment. Not to mention a bit of a bargain, considering some of ol' Pablo's paintings have been auctioned for more than $100 million, which isn't pocket change.

The one catch? The man purchased the Picasso drawing through Costco.

Yesterday, Pablo Picasso's daughter, who serves as an authenticator of her father's work, judged the drawing to be a fake.

The lesson behind all this, boys and girls? Buy your paper towels and your almonds and your silverware through Costco. But it may not be the best place through which to buy your fine art.

Click on the subject line to get the details from The New York Times.

1 comment:

Beth said...

What a frickin' moron. I can say that because the NYT story says that Costco will accept returns, so the poor sap ain't out 40Gs. But what a frickin' moron. "I just popped in for a gallon of dish soap and a case of M&Ms, but hey!, that Picasso's lookin' pretty good, too." What's that sound? It's Picasso, yelling from his grave, "My work wouldn't be sold in a Costco, you idiot!"
Gullible much?