Friday, June 13, 2008

Tomorrow is Saturday the 14th ...

In case you didn't get the memo, today is Friday the 13th, and you all know what that means ... we're all gonna die! Well, some of us are gonna die today, but only because, like, some of us die every day. In fact, a recent study from the Netherlands (and you know how we much we all heed those convenient "recent studies" - and everything the Dutch tell us, because, like, they're Dutch and know where to find all of the good weed) indicates that Friday the 13ths are actually fairly safe, with fewer car accidents, fires and reports of theft than on other Fridays. Granted, the reason for this dearth in mayhem may simply be that more of us keep our asses at home and in bed during that nefarious 24-hour period - but, hey, whatever gets you through the night. Now excuse me while I go back to sleep in my locked-up panic room.

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