Tuesday, January 03, 2006


It's a new year, a new day for all involved with this shiny blue marble of a planet, and the folks at The New York Times are going for that feeling of renewal and restart by washing out our smelly mouths with a story about - cuteness? Yeah, click on the subject line to be whisked to a land of fluffy pandas and precocious penguins - and scientists determined to figure out what makes one thing cute and another thing not. Now, I love cute. Just yesterday I saw a squirrel and a rainbow at the same time, and you can't get much cuter than that. But I would hope scientists would be dealing with stuff like, well, cancer and AIDS and famine and the like instead of the obvious, like why fuzzy is wuzzy.

Penguins are cool, though.

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Beth said...

LAUGH-OUT-LOUD FUNNY, including that shot of Rumsfeld!!!