Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Lose Her ... Again

Word has broken that Marshall Mathers, the artist currently known as Eninem, has filed for divorce from his wife Kim - three months after marrying her for the second time. You will recall, true believers, that the Mathers had given the matrimony thing a go the first time around in 1999, after meeting in high school and dating for several years. That marriage ended in 2000 and resulted in much acrimony, a vicious custody battle for their daughter (who is now 10) and mucho material for Eninem's top-selling CDs about how he'd like to, you know, kill his wife and all. So now it's Round Two and maybe more stuff for Eninem to rant about on his next album - if there is a next album, as there have been hints about him retiring from performing. But to Marshall and Kim, a word of advice: One way or another, make up your damn minds already! It was kind of cute with Liz and Dick, but this is ridiculous.

Read all about it by clicking the subject line above.

Note: Not to get terribly political, but for those who crow about how same-sex marriage would marginalize and weaken the institution overall, I present to you the preceding story as Exhibit B. (Exhibit A being the legendary 55-hour union between Britney Spears and Jason "I'm not George Costanza" Alexander.)

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Beth said...

THANK you! That's what I keep sayin': If Britney can get hitched and then divorced in less than 3 days and say, "It was just a joke, y'all!", then my gay friends who have been together 20 years should be able to tie the knot. Hmm. Gee. Who are the better role models? And I'm not talking about religion here. If churches want to ban same-sex marriages, that's their right. But civil unions? What the hell? My gay friends getting married does not weaken the instituion of marriage for me. You know, should the opportunity ever present itself.