Monday, April 24, 2006

Memories ...

Today is Barbra Streisand's 64th birthday. Say what you will about her politics (or, maybe more precisely, how she talks about them) or her quirks or her obsession with her legs and nails. (Well, she does have great legs.) But it's safe to say that there are few individuals who have had the life or career she has had. (Or, according to a recent unauthorized biography, the sex life. Both Princess Di's ex-husband and one-time lover? Yowza!) And she's still going strong, with her box-office success in Meet the Fockers and word of yet another "farewell" concert tour to take place later this year. Though Ms. Streisand would be well advised not to go crazy with the ticket prices, as there are already reports that they could be as high as $1500. You're great, Babs, but unless you're going to shoot golden eggs out of your bum and distribute them to the audience, all while singing "The Way We Were," that's not cool. Especially when people will have to spend that much money just to drive to the arena.

BTW, who sings "Happy Birthday" to Barbra Streisand? Does she record herself doing it and then play it back to herself?

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Nattie Hattie said...

Happy birthday Babs!!! You're still like buttah!!!