Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Talk about "extra point"!

The spirit of Tonya Harding is alive and well (!) and living in Greeley, Colorado. That's the home of the University of Northern Colorado, where the Bears take to the gridiron and compete in the Big Sky Conference of the NCAA's Division 1-AA. It's also where what has to be the most bizarre police blotter report of any college sport this year just was written. From ESPN:

"The backup punter at Northern Colorado has been arrested on suspicion of stabbing his teammate -- the starting punter -- in the kicking leg.

The motive may have been competition for the first-string job, police said Wednesday."

Wow, sure is nice that the police may have figured out the motive that allgededly led Mitch Cozad from attacking Rafael Mendoza. 'Cause it was confusing to me.

Not surprisingly, Cozad has been kicked off the team and, indeed, off of campus as well. No word on if Mendoza did his best Nancy Kerrigan and sobbed "Why?" as blood poured from his thigh. I kind of doubt it.

Read the full ESPN story by clicking the subject line.

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