Tuesday, September 12, 2006

A wee lovely idea ...

Well, Steve Jobs slapped on the black sweater again today and announced some more new toys for Apple devotees (myself included) to play with. Including in his presentation this time was a new iTunes application that now includes downloads of feature films, along with still more new versions of the company's iPod music player. There's a "monster" that has 80 GB of storage (that's as much as my MacBook), a new incarnation of the nano that has 24 hours of battery life - and my personal fave, a reinvention of the iPod shuffle that half the size of the first model, which itself was the size of a pack of gum. Now the shuffle (seen above) is only 1.6 inches long and can be clipped onto your pocket. Song capacity: 240.

Now, I won't buy the shuffle, partly because I had just purchased a regular iPod a few months ago, and partly because the shuffle is so wee, I would lose it within a week - if not on the bus or at the mall, then definitely in my train wreck of an apartment. But the reason the shuffle bemuses me so is because of a skit on "Saturday Night Live" last fall that involved Fred Armisen doing a passable take on Jobs and his singular presentation style, one-up-manship and all. Click here to check out exactly what I'm talking about. And click the subject line if you're actually interested in buying the shuffle. I bet it's popular with 4-year-olds and smurfs. :)

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Beth said...

HOLY CRAP! That's amazing! It's totally wee! It's wee-er than wee. It's like Baby's First iPod.