Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Larry Bowa is a gentleman ...

Kick back, get comfortable, and enjoy the dulcet tones of Dodgers third base coach Larry Bowa losing his everloving mind during last night's game against San Francisco. (Well, it's actually broadcaster Vin Scully's dulcet tones; thankfully, no mic was sullied by hearing Bowa's likely purple prose):

Apparently Bowa got hot under the collar after being ordered by umpire Ed Montague to return to the coaches' box during the sixth inning of Los Angeles' 3-2 victory over the Giants. Bowa, already a vocal critic of the new edict that coaches have to wear helmets while on the field (you know, to avoid getting killed by a foul ball and stuff), did not appreciate Montague's direction, and a conversation ensued.

Don't be surprised if Bowa gets an early vacation from his coaching duties via a suspension. And don't be surprised if this happens again before too long, as Bowa has a bit of a record at blowing his top. Witness this incident from more than 20 years ago, when Bowa was still playing shortstop for my beloved Cubs (Warning: definitely NSFW, or for anyone with sensitivities toward overt profanity or ugly '80s-era baseball uniforms.)

Leo Durocher would be proud. Stay classy, Larry ... stay classy.

UPDATE: Bowa is suspended for three games. Frankly, he probably got off easy. Now go get your f***ing shinbox!

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