Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Members only?

In what may be either the most intriguing or the most horrifying story to come out of the entertainment industry this year - and yeah, that includes the writers' strike - Variety is reporting that Nicolas Cage is set to star in a remake of Bad Lieutenant, the notorious 1992 Abel Ferrera shockfest of a crime drama that starred Harvey Keitel as, well, a bad lieutenant - a very troubled police detective who took perverse delight in rousting women, gambling and, in one notorious NC-17 scene, cavorting around fully nude. What's more, the remake will be directed by Werner Herzog, who's no wallflower himself (he was, after all, a frequent collaborator with actor Klaus Kinski, who made Keitel look like Pat Boone by comparison).

Production on the re-imaginataion of Keitel's penis will start up this summer. Hmm - suddenly, that actors' strike doesn't seem like such a bad idea after all.

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