Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Susan Sarandon Wears Her Love of Her Kids on Her Sleeve - and Elsewhere ...

Susan Sarandon has a lot going for herself: An Academy Award; a beloved (and younger) husband significant other; apparently well-adjusted children; a great head of red hair; and a kickass body and still fresh-faced looks that are the product of either good genes, a Dorian Grey-like portrait in her basement or the best cosmetic surgeon on the Eastern seaboard. And now, she has something else in her corner as well. At the "advanced" age of 61, Sarandon has obtained what seems to be her first tattoos - the first initials of her three kids, Miles, Eva and Jack Henry, intertwined on at the top of her back, along with a smaller one on her right wrist in honor of her daughter.

The tats made their "debut" at the Speed Racer premiere last week, and Sarandon explained her decision to go under the needle at this time to the British tabloid The Daily Mail, saying that her body has just "a few more years anyway," so why not?

At the same time, Sarandon also denied having any procedures to maintain her relatively youthful look, pointing to her lifestyle (no smoking, lots of water, etc.) and the presence of longtime partner Tim Robbins as the reasons she still looks so fantatic. And while she says she won't rule out going the plastic route down the road, she seems unimpressed by the results of some of the surgeries she's seen: "[T]here are certain people who can do it within the bounds of fixing a little something here or there ... it's when people start looking like somebody else, their lips start to get weird, or they are younger looking at 65 than they were at 30 and they have that burns victim terrified look, that's just bad taste."

Personally, I wouldn't be surprised if Sarandon has had a bit done here and there, but you can't blame her for holding out on us - not out of personal pride but more out of sharing who her fantastic doctor is lest he or she be swamped by a flood of prospective clients. But considering some of the chop shop work that still permeates in Hollywood and beyond, maybe Sarandon's coming clean would be something of a public service. (No names, please - though you can probably figure out whom I'm talking about.)

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