Monday, January 29, 2007

Barbaro (2003-2007)

News has just broken that Barbaro has been euthanized after suffering serious complications from the broken leg the Kentucky Derby winner sustained in last year's Preakness Stakes. There are those who scratch their heads about why so much time and money was invested to save the life of a horse, especially when almost any other horse would have been put down on the spot the moment the seriousness of his injury had been confirmed. And, yeah, there were millions in stud fees involved with the decision to keep Barbaro alive. But this horse was also a a member of Roy and Gretchen Jackson's family. And he was also a graceful and talented athlete. I have heard how grown men cried when they watched Secretariat win the Belmont Stakes and the Triple Crown in crushing fashion in 1973, and I know a lot of people wept when that great horse passed on in 1989. I'm guessing more than a few tears will be shed today as word of Barbaro's ultimate fate spreads.

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