Saturday, January 06, 2007

The lights on every college campus in the Western World should dim tonight ...

... and not just because of the weekly kegger. Word from Tokyo that Momofuku Ando has died at age 96. The name, as colorfully as it rolls off the tongue ("Hey Momo, how's it hanging?"), likely means nothing to most of you two readers. But if you went to college or university and ever was in need of a quick, hot snack during a study break - or just got really famished after that third joint - then you have benefited from Mr. Ando's genius. Because he was the guy who invented the instant Ramen noodles that have satisfied many a undergraduate's appetite through the years. This guy even has a museum dedicated to his contribution to society and sodium overdoses.

So the next time you rip open a package of chicken-flavored Top Ramen, think of Mr. Ando as you fire up the microwave. You may owe your diploma to Momo.

Click the subject line to read up on Mr. Ando's culinary contribution.

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