Monday, January 01, 2007

Looks like we made it ...

... to yet another year, though we lost James Brown, Gerald Ford and some guy named Saddam during the transition from 2006 to 2007. (Remember when the last week of the year was also the slowest in terms of news? Well, not so much this time around.) The news today was filled with numerous local reports about the first babies to be born after the calendars was changed. They all looked cute in their 2007 sashes and all, but trust me - most of them were royally pissed after having been in their warm cocoon of free food and no diapers for nine months. But at least a lot of them will be getting free "baby bundles" or whatever the various businesses and newspapers that sponsor these prizes for the first ones out of the mommy wagon are calling them. Goodies awaiting the newbies include gift cards and gift certificates galore, as well as everything from sippy cups to, in one case, two chicken strip baskets from Dairy Queen. (Er, I'm guessing that's not for the baby.)

But careful, kids. If the IRS is going after the gift baskets for the Oscar and Emmy nominees, what makes you think they're going to leave your little pink butts alone?

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Beth said...

Aw, look! The baby is already bored with Bush's stupidity.