Sunday, March 27, 2005

Finally, the Final Four

Let's review. My Final Four predictions were: Illinois, North Carolina, Louisville and Kentucky

The actual Final Four when the smoke cleared: Illinois, North Carolina, Louisville and Michigan State.

Three out of four isn't bad, considering this year. But if you saw the state of my overall tournament bracket - and you will never see that - you wouldn't be so proud of my acumen.

So who win it all? My heart says Illinois, 'cause they have been sorely underestimated all season, even as they stayed at No. 1 and nearly went undefeated. By my head says North Carolina 'cause they have been the most dominant team of the tourney. I guess we'll see what the teams themselves say this coming weekend.


Jen said...

Go Tar Heels! Rahrahrah!

lovebite international said...
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