Tuesday, March 15, 2005

A sequel to "Cheaper by the Dozen"?

Apparently, according to this news brief:

Steve Martin ready for another 'Dozen'

[World News]: LOS ANGELES, March 11 : Steve Martin will reunite with 'Bringing Down the House' director Adam Shankman for a sequel to 2003's 'Cheaper by the Dozen.'

Shankman -- who directed the Jennifer Lopez-Matthew McConaughey romantic comedy 'The Wedding Planner' and the Mandy Moore drama 'A Walk to Remember' -- has become one of the hottest comedy directors in Hollywood.'Bringing Down the House' grossed $132.5 million at the U.S. box office and his latest project -- the Vin Diesel comedy 'The Pacifier' -- took in $30.5 million last weekend when it opened at No.1. Shankman told Daily Variety deals are being worked out for Martin and other cast members from 'Cheaper by the Dozen,' including Bonnie Hunt and Piper Perabo, but he said it was questionable whether Hilary Duff would return for the sequel.The story for the new movie follows the family with 12 kids as they go on a vacation and run into trouble with another family from the neighborhood that has eight kids.

'Cheaper by the Dozen,' directed by Shawn Levy, grossed $138 million.

So what will they call it, "Cheaper by the Nearly Two Dozen"? Will there be a subplot where the adorable Bonnie Hunt will be forced to wear a pregnancy suit during half the movie? Or, wait, they can have Hunt and screen daughter Perabo both be pregnant, and they can have their babies within minutes of each other while Martin shuffles from room to room in the hospital! What an original concept!

Will Martin Short be available?

Meanwhile, Ms. Duff may not be available for this return to comedic domestic bliss. Probably because she has turned into the most expensive cast member, provided actor/Demi impregnator Ashton Kutcher isn't able to reprise his uncredited role as Perabo's idiot boyfriend. (Didn't she dump him at the end of the original?) And, by the way, when Duff's feud between Lindsay Lohan was going hot and heavy, did anyone else have images of a twisted version of the Tupac/Notorious B.I.G. showdown? And we all know how that one ended.

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