Wednesday, March 30, 2005


I present to you a new musical sensation - Wing! What, never heard of her? Where have you been, mister and Ms.? Wing, from what I gather from her Web site, is a Hong Kong native who moved to New Zealand about as decade ago and decided to learn how to sing. Nine CDs later, apparently she's still learning, but you can't fault her for trying. She has tackled everything from the Broadway tunes to Christmas carols and has recorded entire albums devoted to the Beatles ("Beatles Classics by Wing"), the Carpenters ("Wing Sings the Carpenters") and her newest project, "Dancing Queen by Wing" - yep, you guessed it, a CD devoted to the work of ABBA. (Where's Toni Collette and Rachel Griffiths when you need them?) But, really, Wing has to be heard to be believed. And even though it's hard to poke fun at a nice lady who performs at hospitals and nursing homes, it's a little easier once you experience the fruits of her labor.

But, as you hunker down with your headphones to marvel at the vocal talents of Wing, keep this in mind - if she can record nine albums, then anybody can. Including you. But not me - I can't sing worth a damn.

I give you ... Wing.

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