Tuesday, April 26, 2005

The End is Near (really, we mean it this time)

Many mystics and pundits and prognosticators will say to you with a straight face that the End of Days is upon us, and will point to various indicators to prove their claims that it will soon will be time to leave and to turn the lights off before we lock up this plane of existence. Maybe they'll reference 9/11, or the tsunami or the fact that the frogs are dying. Some will say that it's because Benedict XVI is the next-to-last pope ever according to some 11th century saint who, on his deathbed, allegedly listed all of the Holy Fathers (cryptically, 'course, 'cause no decent psychic would ever speak the straight skinny about such matters). Then there are the obvious signs, such as the Red Sox winning the Series or Britney's carrying of the Federline child, yo. But today came the final, undeniable proof that God is coming, and He most likely is pissed.

Brace yourself ...

Michael Bay is remaking "The Birds."

I leave you to ponder what's left of your fate.

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Beth said...

Casting prognostications! We need casting prognostications!