Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Pedro Martinez - Flip-Flopper

Yeah, just like a politician. A few days, New York Mets pitcher and supporter of little people Pedro Martinez said in a typically well-thought-out statement that he didn't want the World Series ring he earned last fall as a member of the Boston Red Sox. Then, within hours of yesterday's glorious ring ceremony before the Sox' home opener, he did a bit of damage control by telling reporters that he'd take the ring, adding "I thought I did what I had to do to earn a ring with the Red Sox."

You're right, Pedro, you did do what you had to do to earn the ring - except, maybe, want the ring in the first place. What a joke this guy is. It may seem like a typical boorish thought by a typical modern pro athlete, but he also dissed all of the loyal fans of Red Sox Nation (yeah, a whole nation!) who have been waiting literally all of their lives for a chance to even see a World Series ring with the Sox logo emblazoned in diamonds. As a die-hard fan of another long-suffering baseball team that has been seeking the final glory of October for nearly a century, Martinez' words sting even more.

So I say to Pedro, who now wants his jeweled talisman, "Nuts." If I were the Red Sox brass, I'd take Martinez' ring and raffle it off to a lucky Boston fan. Because it seems like any of them would appreciate it more than this tool would.

P.S. Negative points for Martinez for now playing for the Mets. Yuck.

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