Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Mariah Carey - American hero

I always knew there was something special about Mariah Carey - OK, maybe just something - but I just thought it was her great pipes, her quirky behavior and her penchant for being 95 percent naked at nearly all times. Well, I stand corrected. Turns out that, while we were praising the firemen and police officers who bravely ran into the World Trade Center on Sept. 11, 2001, we were neglecting maybe the biggest hero of that whole tragic situation. Witness:

>Superstar Mariah Carey can see a positive side to the critical-mauling and poor sales of her Glitter film and soundtrack album - it cheered up Americans following the September 11th attacks. The semi-autobiographical film was released only a month after the singer's much-publicized breakdown and ten days after the terrorists attacks in New York and Washington DC. Carey tells the New York Post newspaper, "The problem was Glitter was about a diva moment. It was too close to my life. Another thing that people don't remember about Glitter is that it came out the week of 9/11. The movie became a pressure release for everyone dealing the intensity of the attacks. Glitter was the safe joke of the day."<

Well done, Mariah, for taking our minds off of the misery and heartbreak of the worst attack on American soul with your mediocre acting skills. If we had known about your powers, we could have dropped you off in the middle of Baghdad wearing just a loincloth and platform heels and flushed Saddam out of his hole six months sooner. We'll remember you next time something else blows up real good.

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