Sunday, March 16, 2008

Am I missing something here?

Could someone out there explain to me why exactly Goodfellas is airing right now on Lifetime? Lifetime? I mean, Goodfellas is one of the finest movies of the last 20 years - a blooy but stylish Mob epic. And while I'm not exactly part of the demographic of Lifetime, I watch it fairly regularly, both as a TV critic and as a normal viewer. But I'm boggled as to what the two have in common. I'm not saying that women as a whole would want nothing to do with watching Mafia guys whack each other and eat sphaghetti with their mothers - I'm just asking what specific aspect of the film the Lifetime programmers thought would appeal to their core audience. It can't be the scene when Lorraine Bracco stuffed the gun down her panties - I think that was more for the guys. Just guessing.

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