Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Bad day for British culture - or I'm not saying she's a golddigger ...

Not only did today see the passing of two major players on the English entertainment scene, Sir Arthur C. Clarke and Anthony Minghella - but Heather Mills, a.k.a. the newly ex-Mrs. Paul McCartney, proved to be the most pissed-off instant millionaire in the country's history by mouthing off about how she had gotten a bum rap because of the divorce settlement she received from the court. (Note to Ms. Mills: It doesn't exact behoove you to complain about only getting $50 million at a time when the global economy is in freefall.) Among other chestnut, she moaned about how her 4-year-old daughter with Sir Paul, Beatrice, won't be able to travel first-class anymore, and admitted to pouring a glass of water over the head of her ex's lawyer's head at the end of the legal proceedings. (The former Beatle spouse quipped that Fiona Shackleton had been "baptized in court" for her "unpleasant comments." Charming.) My mother taught me to respect women, and I am not a rapper by trade. But if the term "one-legged bitch" was ever appropriate to use to describe one person, it's Ms. Mills.

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