Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Is that an external hard drive in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?

For women who are looking for Mr. Right, or maybe Mr. Right Now, there is a new hot spot for sexy singles action, and it isn't the neighborhood bar or even the corner Starbucks. According to a genteel, modest publication called Cosmopolitan, one of the best places for ladies to meet available men is at the local Apple Store. The magazine writes that since most men are natural gadget lovers, and with the Mac line of iPods, iPhones and computers, guys tend to gravitate toward the bright and shiny Apple establishments that can be found in 31 states of the Union (there are five of them here in the L.A. area alone). Cosmo also points out how the regular flow of free workshops and seminars at many Apple Stores make for great opportunities for Meeting Cute™ over the diodes.

This news isn't that much of a surprise - much has already been written about how Apple Stores have been de facto community centers of sort thanks to their clean, sparkly interiors and free computer access. I'm a Apple fanatic of sorts, but most of the time I go into one of the establishments I leave empty-handed; instead, I step in to play with the toys I don't have, check my email and news headlines, sit in on one of those entertaining workshops. But the next time I stop by, I'll make sure I look my scrubbed-up best - you know, just in case. Besides, if women can meet men at Apple Stores, then by default it would work both ways, right?

For a guide to the Apple Store nearest to you, go here.

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