Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Spit(zer) Take ...

I know Eliot Spitzer said that he wanted to bring perpetrators of vice and such to their knees as governor of New York, but this is ridiculous!

But seriously, folks, of all of the offensives Gov. Spitzer is accused of in this situation - and being an idiot is right at the top (Yeah, a politician whose entire rep is built upon being a law-and-order, take-no-prisoners tough guy gets caught with his pants down ... literally? Not exactly Albert Einstein, no?) - the worst thing about this story? His last recorded "business transaction" with on Feb. 13, the day before Valentine's Day! Something tells me that it's going to take more than roses and a box of chocolates to get Eliot out of the scalding water he's now in with his wife.

Something also tells me that Dick Wolf's head just exploded as he thinks about all of the Law & Order episodes he's going to get out of this story. Or at least that permanent boil on the side of Wolf's head just exploded. Nah, it's probably the entire cranium.

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