Tuesday, March 18, 2008

BREAKING: Charlie Rose assaulted by new Mac laptop!

Yeah, that was actually Charlie Rose hosting his ubiquitous PBS chat show last night (for those of you who can watch his broadcast without getting annoyed by his habit of interrupting his guests mid-answer) - and no, he didn't have a tragic run-in with a truculent Mike Tyson. According to the tech blog Endgadget, Rose's facial injuries occurred when, while carrying his brand-new MacBook Air, he tripped on a pothole on 59th Street in New York and, in an effort to keep his ultralight toy from becoming a casualty of the mean streets of the Big Apple, fell flat on his face. Fortunately, the Air is bloodied (Rose's blood) but just fine, and the host can count on getting a few free rounds at his local bar thanks to his battle scars - until they find out how he got them, that is. Meanwhile, Steve Jobs should send Rose a few Apple Gift Cards for his heroism.

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